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Jaime Valero, Madrid (Spain), 1967. 

At a young age Jaime showed his skills and interest for drawing and painting which lead him to obtain a Fine Arts degree at Complutense University in Madrid in 1985.


After getting his Bachelor´s Degree, he taught art and drawing for six years and then started his professional career as an artist 1996. Since then he has been building his own style and imagery, primary painting with oil and focused on portraiture and figure, though he explores other techniques and themes as well. 


He lived in the US (2001-2003) where he started investigating the possibilities of large-scale portraits and nudes in water. Since than he has dedicated most of his work to investigate different processes to portray what has become his most personal and particular obsession.


Two years ago he started a new project through the internet to share (at no cost) his painting techniques and procedures with anybody interested. He titled it “Come In and Help Yourself Project” and has created twelve different videos (and had more than 110.000 views), in English and Spanish. It is his way of sharing and opening his studio to anyone out there who could be interested.