Artist Statement

The older I get the more I appreciate those special pieces of art that invite you to imagine and interpret what is going on in a captured moment in time. I feel unsatisfied when the story is given to me - when there is nothing left to investigate. My preference is to suggest, rather than tell the entire story through realistic figures as a starting point to seduce one’s mind to carry forward a personal narrative within the painting.

That is exactly what I try to do with my work. I open doors for the viewers to go through and find the meaning for themselves. Figures, faces, or places are captured to suggest possibilities - stories behind the surface. I want my images to capture people's attention at first sight and, then, leave them alone to explore the creativity of their own minds.

Painting, to me, is a way to recreate and reinterpret reality. In the water-themed paintings, the water is also a central character that offers the model the unique influence of privacy and introspection. I am inspired by images of individuals and work to build on the essence of each image by deeply analyzing textures, shades, and lights. I believe the aura surrounding the painting is what defines great art. 

As a student of classical art and the cutting-edge contemporary creators, I must recognize the inspirational work of Velazquez, Antonio López, Viola, and Richter as a few of the major influencers of my life’s work. I am grateful for having experienced their art and techniques.